Saturday, October 20, 2012


We are celebrating today with gratitude and anticipation for what God has done and is doing through The SOURCE!  This morning a group of 18 of us were mentored by 9 members of a small group from Phoenix.  Together we talked about God's desire to see lost and hurting people come to know him, then took our faith to the streets in a neighborhood near the school where The SOURCE meets. 

Our desire was to talk with people, get a feel for this neighborhood God placed us in, and pray for people who would allow us
    and here are some snippets of what happened
We got a good understanding of the demographics of the neighborhood - ages, families, ethnics, spirituality, openness...

Several teams were welcomed by other believers, brothers and sisters in the neighborhood who attend other churches, and were encouraged by praying together for each other and for their neighborhood.

A team prayed for a woman whose 4 year-old grandson is awaiting a bone marrow transplant, and the next door neighbor who will be donating bone marrow.

A team connected with a homeless man who they are now assisting.

Two teams talked and prayed with people who had made suicide attempts within the past week.

Various teams prayed for illnesses, new babies, battles with cancer, struggling marriages, job losses etc.

A group connected with a lonely believer who had not attended a church in years.

One group was able to share about Jesus and pray with a Sikh.

Dozens of people read scripture about God's gift of salvation, some for the first time.

A mother and her teenage daughter prayed to accept Jesus as their lord and savior!

I'm not gonna lie, most of us were nervous, even downright scared.  But what we witnessed today is impossible to deny, that God gives boldness and courage to those who seek to do His work and have His heart.  We learned so much about our neighborhood and connected with so many people, and it never would have happened had God not prompted 27 hearts to get out of our comfort zone.
 It was thrilling to walk in the steps of the early believers. 
 "Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." Acts 5:42

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opportunity to Defy Status Quo

Many of us go about our lives too comfortably.  We become used to the rhythm of our routines.  Goals, plans, and dreams often take a back seat to immediate needs.  Our lives so easily become self-centered, and "normal".

But the call to be Christ-like demands more than the status quo.  Christ's followers didn't have cozy routines; They had radical lifestyles, leaving their homes and comfort to study under Jesus.  They learned from Jesus as he healed the sick, forgave offenses, and restored hope.  When they understood who Jesus is, they were sent out in teams to get messy in people's lives, to tell others about Jesus, to heal the sick, and to restore hope. 

This weekend, The SOURCE is following our commitment to our core values of
                                    EXPECTANT PRAYER
                  CHRIST-LIKE SERVICE                        
                                           RELATIONAL OUTREACH
by teaming up with Time To Revive to begin building relationships with families in the neighborhoods that surround us.

Be bold, be brave, and step outside your comfort zone with us this Saturday to live radically for Christ.  Even if you attend another congregation, please feel free to come and join us for this training and outreach.  You'll learn a method of reaching your neighbors that you can take to your own church and neighborhood.  We will be meeting people in our neighborhood, becoming aware of their needs, asking to pray with them, and following up with those who are responsive.  Begin praying now for God to prepare the hearts of those we will meet, that they will be open to talking with us. 

Saturday, October 20th
       Meet at the Lucero's home for training at 9:00am,
       closing with Lunch (provided) at Lucero's also
                 2648 N Ricardo, Mesa 85215
Free childcare is available at the Wegert's home.  Please call Heather at (480) 331-7541 for more information.