Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Season of Wishing

What do you 'wish' for this Christmas Season?

Personally, I am wishing for "people."

And not just any "people."  The all illusive "new people."  I like my "old people" (not referring to age of course), but I would really like "new people" too; new faces, new ideas, new hearts, new friends.

I am hoping to make new friends this season!

My current incredible friends at The Source are hosting four amazing events in the next few weeks! To start, this Sunday is our Christmas Service.

Have you ever read the Christmas Story IN a manger scene...personally?  Well you will get that opportunity to do that this Sunday at The Source, amidst classic Christmas carols and other friends.

Then two days later is our
Christmas Eve Live Nativity.
That's right...we have LIVE people, LIVE animals, and LIVE warmth around a campfire.  I certainly hope you can come and bring some of your friends!

Then next Sunday is our Balloon Release Service.  Have you have been a part of a group balloon release?  Well you will next Sunday, as we consider our hopes and goals for the 2014 year!

Finally, the Sunday after that (January 5th) we will be hearing a special message from a 95 year old America legend.

Let me ask you, what would you say on your "death bed?"  What message would you want to leave for the world?

Many of you may know that one of the most influential men of our times has been in the news recently, because his health is deteriorating.  His name is Billy Graham.  We recently had a video made, that desired to be his last message to the world.  On January 5th, we will watch and talk about his message.  I look forward to the discussion, and hope you to too.  Once again, this is a great time to invite new OR old friends to The Source, to experience this opportunity together with us!

Hope to see you make more friends in the next few weeks.
I hope you can be a part of it.

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