Monday, July 22, 2013

Challenge to Join the discussions

This past Sunday we had a message filled with several challenging concepts.  I know I received several reactions through various communications.  Some who said they really needed to hear it--others who came away with more questions.
I actually want to encourage these conversations to continue!  We have a new Community Discussion board that I want to encourage all of you to get involved.  Can I challenge each of you to go online and post a comment or two on our new boards, just to get things going.  Enjoy the discussions!

Secondly, this Sunday as designed a I am out of town, but I Joseph has designed a service of praise and worship, that frankly I am sad I am going to miss. I hope you will all be there to enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to "check out The Source Church. The experience was exhilarating far as being a part of a small group, hearing a challenging message. In addition to all of that, it was a treat to catch up with some familiar folks, enjoy some delicous food, and meet new people as well. In summary, I do recommend this place of worship. -Miss Claire Gettis -Gen.1-3 and Rev.1-3 of Coueur D'Alene, Idaho