Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Goals

Well it is 2016!
And for many, the first question that comes to mind is... "What will this year hold."  Then, knowing that a year is what we make of it, many of us aptly ask, "What will I choose to MAKE of this year?"
Do you have any New Years Resolutions?  I know each year some make them on a whim...and then they quickly get left behind.  Others, because of this fact, look down on the concept of New Years Resolutions, and point out their seemingly apparent folly.  They most often respond by simply continuing life as they always have.  But that can be a problem in and off itself.
Because of this, I am more apt to encourage people to make resolutions.  And not just New Years resolutions...but new month resolutions, new week resolutions, and even new day resolutions.  Even the business world sees the value in making daily and weekly 'goals.'  Why?  Because "we will miss 100% of the goals we don't make"...or something like that.
Do we have goals for this year at The Source Church?  Absolutely! We will be sharing them at the annual business meeting (such a dry title...but for lack of a better term) on Sunday, January 17.  I hope all of our members can be there!

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