Saturday, January 16, 2016

Who is your Theophilus?

As we read the beginning statement of the Gospel of Luke, we see he writes to Theophilus.
There are many theories of who this person was, but essentially he was someone to whom Luke wanted the truth of Christ to be known.  So...who is that in your life?  Is there someone you know who desperately needs to know more about who Jesus is?

This past week I had a brief conversation with a teacher, who used to be catholic growing up, but then converted to Mormonism.  And I asked her, how does she know that the book of Mormon represents the true Jesus, and is not just man made?
She launched into this long discussion about her Mayan background, and how she feels Jesus appeared to her people many times in history, and thus it made sense to her that he would communicate, as odd as it is, letter by letter to Joseph Smith, even though that is not at all how God formed the entire rest of scripture.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to finish our conversation.  But it even more emphasized to me how important it is to know who Jesus really is.

The Source Church this year is now embarking a study of the most important and influential person in human history!  The four Gospels record truly the “greatest story ever told.”  In them we see the birth, the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah.  Even for those who do not follow Jesus, the gospels are an incredibly accurate and specific account of the very real person of Jesus—the most influential life that has ever lived, whether or not you believe in Him.  He has affected history like no other!
Because of Him, great things have been done.  When we look at those who have been feed, educated, protected…and from all major people groups around the world…all in the name of Jesus, His impact is clear.  As we retell history, however, we hear of great evil that has also been done “in his name.”

This makes our task this year an imperative one:
Our goal is to understand WHO this person of Jesus really was, what He was really like, and how he wants his followers to truly live.
And to do that, we turn primarily to the Gospels, which are not merely human documents but the inspired and authoritative Word of God.

So once again...who is your Theophilus?  Who in you life desperately needs you to show them the true Jesus?

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